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15-16 October 2018 : Washington, D.C. USA
15-16 October 2018

Jones Day

300 New Jersey Ave, NW

Washington, D.C. 20001


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Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in the Satellite Communications VSAT Industry.


The 2018 program and format will build upon the success of last year’s inaugural VSAT Congress where, at the offices of Jones Day on Capitol Hill, a full house of attendees engaged directly with keynote speakers and open-forum executive roundtables that included leading LEO, MEO and GEO satellite operators, VSAT service providers, manufacturers, customers, and subject-matter experts.


Key questions to be raised at the 2018 VSAT Congress will include:


  • Can industry afford to replace existing satellites? Can it afford not to?

  • Can industry compete on data pricing?

  • Will differentiation bring a competitive advantage?

  • Can industry change its operational timescales?

  • Are LEOs, MEOs and HAPS a threat or opportunity?

  • Will independent VSAT operators survive?

  • To what extent does industry need to integrate with terrestrial services?

  • Will cyber security be a strength or a weakness?

  • Are standardisation and commoditisation an inevitability?

  • What are the chances of constellation collision and catastrophic collapse?

  • Can the industry defend in the fight for frequencies?

  • Can the industry keep up with data volume requirements?

  • Will future VSAT terminal costs be economically viable?

  • What will a smartphone equivalent VSAT mean to service providers?

  • Does satellite become an inconsequential niche?

  • Can VSAT technology developments catch up?

  • Will investors believe in and support satellite’s potential?

  • Can the industry integrate different orbital constellations?

  • Are ISLs crucial?

  • Is there a viable business structure and strategy?

  • Is the industry going to have a civil war?

  • Does separation of video and data make sense?

  • Mapping Strategies for seamless GEO, MEO and LEO connectivity

  • How can VSAT Become an essential extension of the 5G infrastructure?

  • How can VSAT secure its place in an industrial IoT world?

  • How can VSAT penetrate the future connected car marketplace?


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“By global business standards we are a small industry and we all rely on each other to advance and prosper, despite also often being potential competitors,” said Susan Bull of COMSYS.  “As an independent VSAT consultant I was encouraged to create the GVF, and am very pleased that GVF - now led by David Meltzer - and COMSYS have developed the VSAT Congress to be a mutually beneficial and worthwhile conference for our industry above and beyond anything else."”