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"Future Steps"

* Program and Speakers are Subject to Change 
Monday, 15 October

8:00am  //  Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9:00am //   Welcome & Opening of VSAT Congress

David Meltzer, Secretary General, GVF

9:10am //   The Exciting Rollercoaster Ride

The VSAT part of the satellite industry is experiencing scary moments as the rollercoaster hits its drops, but we can see the exciting rises and the potential to soar through the skies in the future.

Susan Bull, Partner, COMSYS

9:40am //   Keynote - Enterprising the World of VSAT

Neither fibre, cellular or satellite is perfect for everything, but together they meet the needs.  The telecoms world should learn the lesson, just as the world's primary VSAT companies have.  

Ramesh Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, InternationalHughes

10:20 am // Refreshments & Networking Break

10:45am //  Modeling the Business Jigsaw

Satellite operators, VSAT service providers, system manufacturers - every segment of our industry - needs to re-think their business models.  SO, what advice or suggestions can each give the other? 

Chair:  Chris Hill, CEO, Aurora

Vagan Shakhgildian, CEO, UHP Networks

Alan AfrasiabCEO, Talia

Tom Eaton,VP Global SalesTelesat

Thomas Van den DriesscheCEO, Newtec

José Antonio Guerra, Head of Business Office & EMEA Sales, Hispasat

Michael Pollack, CEO, The Traville Group

Paul Scardino, SVP, Sales Engineering and Marketing, Globecomm

12:30pm //  Lunch


2:00pm //  Highs and Lows, Twinning Constellations

GEOs are clearly an essential means of providing global coverage, but other constellations are clearly going to happen, but the satellite world has to integrate, but there will be complexities and high tech requirements, but the potential upbeat for our industry is enormous.  The question is – how will this work?  Mark Brady, Managing Partner , Clarke Belt 2.0 Project 

2:35pm //  Hub Club Dancing

Allowing the grounded assets of the VSAT world - the established VSAT service providers with customer connection and real local support - the cost effective flexibility to roam, switch and respond to changing customer and market demands is becoming a vital component of VSAT platforms.

Kevin SteenCEO, iDirect

3:10pm  //   The Art of Valuing a VSAT Service Provider

Acquisitions and consolidation have become a big meal in the VSAT café - no nibbles, huge scoffing!  So what makes some so tasty, are there any particular popular recipes, is the belly full, do we need to make any additions to the menu and what will be worth digesting?

Eric Le Proux, Managing Partner, Trinity Advisers

3:45pm  //   Refreshments & Networking Break

4:10pm  //   Panel Session: Strange Technology Stretches

 Truth is more than theory, there's more than we know and our static universe could soon be proven to be expanding. 

Chair: Chris Gregory, Director of Processing, Hawkeye360

Solyman Ashrafi, Managing Partner, NxGen Partners

Rob TorresVice President, EngineeringHughes

Kalpak GudePresident, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

Ninh LeDirector, Network Systems and Architecture, Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Barry MatsumoriCEOBridgeSat

Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, Integrasys

Stephen Pearce, VP Engineering , iDirect 

6:00pm //    Close of VSAT Congress - Day 1

Susan Bull, Partner, COMSYS                     

David Meltzer, Secretary General, GVF                   

6:10pm//     Evening Reception

Tuesday, 16 October

8:00am // Breakfast & Networking

9:00am // Opening of VSAT Congress Day 2

Susan Bull, Partner, COMSYS

9:10am // Spectrum Packing +'s and -'s

The battle over frequencies has been a world war for several years now.  Clearly things are changing, but is this going to be a positive financial boost or negative business losses for satellite and VSAT operators?

David HartshornCEO, Geeks Without Frontiers

9:40am //  Placing the Bet and Lighting the Skies

Pushing spacecraft bandwidth levels, universal coverage, system flexibility and Mbps cost competitiveness are now known to be the key components of our industry's long term success.  Partnerships, market access, customer services and, ultimately, focus will also be vitally important and so here we'll hear a vision for the future.

Jason Knapp, VP of TechnologyViaSat

10:20 am // Refreshments & Networking Break

10:45am // Panel Session: FPCESPAAILWMMMCRE

Flat Panel, Conformable, Electronically Steerable, Phased Array, Auto Install, LightWeight, MetaMaterial, Multi-Constellation, Reliable, Efficient – there are so many things we’re expecting from antenna development innovations that even finding a meaningful acronym is not easy.  Let’s hear from the leaders what’s happening.

Chair: Ashok Rao, VP Technology Development , SES/O3b

Leslie Klein, CEO, C-Com

David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor 

Esat Sibay, CFOAlcan Systems

Nathan KundtzCEO, Kymeta

John Finney, Founder, Isotropic Systems

Nir Sharvit, Director of RFIC & Antenna Technologies, Gilat Satellite Networks

12:30pm //  Lunch

2:00pm   //  Maritime - Keeping Vessels & VSATs Afloat

The tide is rising and falling constantly in the maritime VSAT business.  Connectivity and data is essential, but with pricing falling and demand rising what will keep maritime VSAT service providers alive and serve to bring real value to the segment?

Pippa Nicholas, General Manager, Yachtprojects International/Procom365

2:35pm   //  Aeronautical - Lining the AIr

The Aero business is the fastest growing segment of the VSAT business with huge potential, but massive risks.  Satellite is, and will always be, the essential means of connectivity in the air.  Will integration be the critical need - charges with ticket pricing; national and international networks; aero service providers?

Mike Pigott, Senior Vice President of Product & PortfolioGlobal Eagle

3:10pm   //  Cellular Backhaul - Celling the Towering Information

Supporting wireless and cellular service networks is a crucial role for VSAT and a unique and sole solution is many areas, but VSAT operators need to understand the requirements and restrictions faced by the MNOs.  The situation in the vast rural areas of Africa illustrates many of the constraints and opportunities available in the global market as a whole.

Tsachi Dahan, Head of Line of Business Vertical Solutions, Spacecom

3:45pm  //   Refreshments & Networking Break

4:10pm  //   Panel Session: Fishing for the Future

So much of segment demand is common across the VSAT communication industry, but there are regional variations arising from innovation and different approaches to addressing national, regional and global demands.  Let's share our expertise and experience. 

ChairMariano Torre-Gomez

Pablo Rasore, CEO, Andesat

Ali Mohadjer, President & CEO, SatWays

Reyad DouglasCommercial Sales DirectorGulfsat Communications

Kingshuk Basak, Head - Network operations & Data Center, Nelco

6:00pm //    Close of VSAT Congress - Day 2

Susan Bull, Partner, COMSYS 

David Meltzer, Secretary General, GVF